There’s a very good reason why I’ve been MIA the past week, and that’s because I’ve been in ARUBA (AY! AY! AY!) It was a blast, and I’m definitely struggling right now getting back into the real life routine.

While some would say this is the quintessential couples destination, I went with my BESTEST friend and we had a blast!

RESORT: We stayed at the Riu Antillas, which is an All Inclusive resort for 18+ (no kids).  We  actually stayed here 2 years ago and had such a good time, we decided to come back.

  • PRICE: It depends what tie of year you go, but it fit right in my budget. We stayed 4 nights. I booked my hotel & flight in a bundle deal through Expedia. As an added plus, I used EBates to get cashback and gained Expedia + JetBlue TrueBlue points.
  • LOCATION: The location of the resort is amazing. Right on the beach and within walking distance to fun bars and restaurants downtown. There is a flat $25 taxi fee from the airport to the hotel, this is great compared to other destinations that try to jip you.
  • AMENITIES: The amenities were good for my short trip! There was a gym, casino (didn’t go to those lol), spa (80-minute massage was amazing), free WiFi which worked GREAT – didn’t fail me once, 24-hour room service which was included in the All-Inclusive package, in-room bar stocked with alcohol sodas and water, comfy robes, and beach towel cards.
  • FOOD: For an All-Inclusive resort, I thought the food was AWESOME. The options at the buffet were endless, delicious, changed everyday, and the best part – FRESH. BREAKFAST kicked off the day with coffee, eggs, bacon (which my BFF & I decided is the #1 vacation food), smoked salmon, tomato slices, and some fruit. LUNCH was always a big salad, tons of veggies, and protein. DINNER was usually steak, fish, lobster, or a combo of the three. And there was usually a scoop of ice cream, some nachos, cheese, or a pastry stuck in-between.
  • DRINKS:  I stuck with my usual vodka club or diet coke, sugar free mojitos, and had big gulps of my best friends Chunky Monkey (Kahlua, vodka, banana, chocolate, cream) and Mudslide (chocolate syrup, vodka, Kahlua and Bailey’s Irish Cream). YUM.
  • STAFF: Delightful and extremely helpful. Everyone was so kind, respectful, and attentive.
  • ROOMS: So-so. We had a better room two years ago for sure. I think this is the one place Riu can improve. The first day our room was pretty humid so we cranked the AC. The beds were comfortable enough, but nothing special.
  • OTHER GUESTS: The other guests were great. Mostly couples, obviously, but there were some other girls trips there too. Mix of honeymooners, retirees, but everyone was there to have a good time. ALOT of people from the northeast (like myself), especially Massachusetts. Then there was a mix of every other country – met people from Ireland, Europe, France, Brazil, Russia, and all around the states.

Overall, FANTASTIC TRIP. Even if you don’t stay at the Riu, I HIGHLY recommend Aruba for your next getaway.

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    1. YES! Definitely go! I can’t believe it’s almost winter already – SO CRAZY! Just started getting chilly here in NYC and (just saw your Friday Favs haha) happy to hear Boston is the same! I just booked my Amtrak to be there again in December – can’t wait!

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