A Sad World: Being Cautious Without Allowing Fear to Overcome

I woke up this morning still feeling shaken from the Vegas attacks. Such heavy, tragic news makes you feel sad and depleted. Even feelings of guilt arise as I go about my day-today, preparing for vacation, celebrating my mom’s birthday today, surrounded by the people I love; while others are in the hospital recovering, still in-shock, and mourning.

As grateful as I am that I didn’t lose anyone;  it’s another incident that makes me think I easily could have known someone there – or been there myself. This is an absolutely insane time. I don’t have the words to ease anyone’s burdens or provide an explanation. As much as I would like to say everything’s going to be okay, I can’t stand by that statement honestly.

The fact that it’s become the norm to see and hear about things like this happening in today’s society is heart wrenching. With all the sadness, confusion and hatred that surrounds us, it’s not always easy to see things from a positive perspective. It can be even harder to remind ourselves that in times of uncertainty we can’t allow the spirit of fear to overcome us.

So, what now? How do we live in a scary world where we want to grow, take risks, be free – but know we need to take caution? That’s the key. Be cautious. Be alert, pay attention to your surroundings, trust your gut if something feels off. But also don’t forget to live each day to it’s absolute potential, love recklessly, take risks, smile more, hug a loved one, invest in yourself, use your time to serve and help others. I know if you’re reading this blog, you have the potential to elevate yourself to love, light and joy. The world needs it, and the world needs you, more than ever.

4 thoughts on “A Sad World: Being Cautious Without Allowing Fear to Overcome

  1. Love this post! I constantly struggle with fear. Mainly fear of losing people, romantic relationships. It’s scary to make myself feel exposed and vulnerable. I want to push through this because life is so short, but remaining in that fear bubble feels safe.


    1. Thank you! I struggle with the same thing, but even the fact you’re aware of the fear bubble is a big deal! A lot of people aren’t, and that can unconsciously force them to be stuck there. Your awareness is the first baby step to opening up and putting yourself into life 110% 💖😊

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