Travel Chronicles: Chicago, IL

Back tracking a few weeks to when I was in Chicago for a weekend! As I’ve wrote about before, my two best friends and I are now located in three cities on the east coast: New York, NY, Boston, MA & Tampa, FL. Every year we try to go on at least one #NewYearNewCity trip in the US. It started by asking a cab driver where we should go next. In Nashville, we were told to come to Chicago and HERE WE ARE! It was a weekend full of delicious food, great weather, lots of walking, and nice people. Definitely recommended checking it out if you haven’t been!

FOOD, including recommendations from our Airbnb host

  • Giordano’s: Obviously our first stop right off the plane was DEEP DISH PIZZA. Best thing I’ve ever had basically.
  • Sweet Maple Cafe: This place was a walk from our Airbnb, and we ended up going here every morning. It was the cutest little Cafe, all locals, and the yummiest food to fuel you for the day. My favorite was the Laurene’s Little Tacos
    (Two corn tortillas stuffed with chicken, spicy black beans, grilled onions, spinach, tomatoes and low fat Cheddar cheese, served with home fries and fruit medley)
  • Bandera Restaurant: Not my favorite. Think they overcharged & the service wasn’t great. The Macho Salad (chopped rotisserie chicken, avocado, dates, goat cheese, almonds) was delicious though!
  • West Loop: Girl & The Goat, Publican Quality Meats, La Sardine (French), Avec (Tapas)
  • Little Italy: Rosebud (Classic Italian) and Tufanos (Cash Only)



  • Wrigleyville: The neighborhood around Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs baseball team. We mostly just walked around, stopped for a Chicago hot dog & had some beers! Lots of locals were out walking their dogs, super cute neighborhood.
  • Chicago Architecture River Cruise: SO MUCH FUN! Especially if you’re there on a sunny day, 10/10 recommend! The tour guides were great, enough room for everyone to sit down, and a gorgeous/unique view of the city.





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