Fully Embracing the Power of Small

If there’s one thing I’ve realized over the past few months it’s to appreciate small things. There’s a popular misconception that for something to be worthy, meaningful, successful or important, it has to be BIG, noticeable, monumental, etc.

And while drastic changes are great, I’ve found that the best changes are the smallest.

In my twenty-fifth year, I want to give my self more credit for the small things. In the past, I’ve dismissed these as minuscule & useless.

I am going to try to fully embrace the power of small. Appreciating the small movements, gestures and efforts in my life that have proven to be make a big difference, even if the results aren’t immediately visible. Looking back, ALL of the changes I’ve made over the past 1-2 years have been small, but undeniably powerful.

I remember when I tried to make BIG changes, going completely cold turkey, or guns blazing by adopting ten new habits & getting rid of ten old ones. This has never EVER worked in my favor. In fact, 99% of the time it backfires.

I ended up reverting back even quicker, and was left feeling incredibly overwhelmed, deprived, nervous & uncertain about the changes. When I started this more ‘mindful’ approach to recovery & growing up, I’ve been able to have more control over the small changes and introducing them gradually.

Small acts can have a huge impact on your confidence, self-esteem & outlook on life. If there’s one piece of advise I can give to someone who is feeling stuck — don’t skip over the moments that seem insignificant. The reality is, small acts add up and they are more than doing nothing. The tiniest changes can have the biggest overall impact. Never underestimate the power of small!

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