Getting Older & Embracing Change

In 47 days I hit an exciting milestone, I turn 25 years old! As my dad would say, it’s the year that marks the end of my adolescence since my prefrontal cortex is fully developed. As insignificant as that may seem, it’s a little frightening. It’s means change, making important decisions, and ranking what (and who) is worth my time, attention & effort.

I’ve been reflecting on the amazing environment I’ve created for myself as I’ve gotten older, and the big transformations were possible when I embraced the changes.

Throughout high school & college, I pushed emotions to the side. I hid behind helping others but never talking about myself, avoiding situations, and taking risks that’re too calculated. I led a lifestyle filled with anxiety, low self-esteem, and fake confidence.

After graduating college, entering the real world, and finding success in my career and friendships, I found myself confused. I was one person externally (confident, friendly, funny) and another internally (lonely, lost, and worried). I knew the only person with the power to change was me. Yes, there are always negative outside forces that may have shaped my environment. But, in order to have a better life and to create real lasting change, I needed to be 100% willing to make the change.

I had to take responsibility and accountability. This is the magic sauce of change: solving problems, not running from them. From getting out of my comfort zone, taking risks, facing my fears to changing the clothes I wear, my location, the food I ate, my friends, and my habits. It was, and will always be, all up to me.

This is even more truthful the older one gets. We have full control to be the creator of all of our desires. Now, obviously not all of this is done at once. Take baby steps. One change will lead to another, which leads to another. Each positive change will spark something else. That is change, THAT is freedom.

In the next 47 days, and every year after that, I just want to be better than yesterday. The woman I am becoming may cost me relationships and material things, but I will choose her over everything and makes the changes necessary to find my rendition of peace of the heart, body, mind & soul.

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