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When is the last time you an opportunity to hear your own breath? Be alone with your thoughts? Or could listen without distraction? I'm guessing it's been awhile. In August, I was lucky enough to attend Soul Camp. Simply put, it's a retreat/sleepaway camp for adults. There's over 50 mind-opening workshops and soul-discovering classes led … Continue reading MY TRANSFORMATIVE ‘SOUL CAMP’ EXPERIENCE


WELCOME TO A NEW SERIES CALLED STORYTIME: REAL EXPERIENCES SHARED & WRITTEN BY PEOPLE IN MY LIFE. Before we jump into our first story; here's some background ...  I encourage everyone in my life to write more. It's therapeutic, reflective, and increases awareness. I created Storytime so my inner circle could utilize Mindfully Sarah to share … Continue reading STORYTIME: BREAST REDUCTION (GUEST POST)


Have you ever noticed how much contrast there is in life? Light/Darkness Hope/Despair Joy/Anger Good/Bad Beginnings/Ends Safety/Terror Clean/Messy Order/Chaos Cold/Hot Self-Care/Hustle Acceptance/Desire for Growth Positivity/Negativity I’m learning to accept that there is truth and beauty in life’s contrasts. I spent so many years of my life chasing the light and hiding from the darkness. I’ve … Continue reading LIFE IN CONTRASTS


Sooooooo, I took an un-planned month off from my usual routine (talk about an obvious self-sabotage moment.) Work has been unbearably busy, family emergencies, constant travel; the focus on other things have revved up all the cravings that led to my unhealthy lifestyle originally. I have been saying for months, ‘Monday I’m going to get serious’ … Continue reading NEW BEGINNINGS


Balancing a career, social life, mental health, children, relationships, and LIFE can be quite challenging. Whether you're in school, an entrepreneur, working at a desk, a mother, or a combination; self-care looks different for all of us. I've written about the importance of self-care multiple times (check them out here); and while I'm still a … Continue reading TAKE A BREAK: WHY IT’S ESSENTIAL & IDEAS